mondosd is a Recovinyl partner

mondosd has a Management System Quality UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 and Environment UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 certified by CSI Spa. It shares with employees, providers and partners the respect of the ethical and social values ​​of which our Ethical Code is the point of departure. We have certified our plastic management process by By-products (references art. 184bis Legislative Decree 152/06 and UNI 10667 standard) and management of MPS Secondary Raw Materials (references art. 184ter Legislative Decree 152/06 and UNI 10667 standard). Furthermore, we use the support of an accredited external laboratory for the analysis and characterization of our MPS products.


Certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
Certification Quality System

Certification Recycled Plastic
Certification of Conformity

Certification Recycled Plastic
Certification of Conformity


The mondosd company is authorized to collect, store and treat the following non-hazardous waste, CER codes 070213 and CER 120105, cataloged according to the decision of the European Community no. 2000/532 / EC, which becomes effective on January 1, 2002.

The mondosd company has its own authorized vehicles to transport waste with registration number MI02546.


The values and founding principles of Mondorevive are expressed in the Code of Ethics. This allows the strong corporate culture to be shared in an organic way and provides a guide for activities and behaviors.

The adoption of this Code intends to meet the needs and expectations of all internal and external interlocutors within the company.
This Code represents:
• the founding document of Mondorevive ethics, which all recipients sign when starting their collaboration with the Company;
• a tool of fundamental importance for ethical and sustainable business growth.
The Code of Ethics is addressed to: administrators, managerial staff, clerks, workers, as well as to all external collaborators, such as, by way of example only: suppliers, consultants, agents and representatives; for information to public and control bodies.
Compliance with the code is binding for all employees and collaborators, as well as compliance with the rules of the legal system in which they operate (national, supranational or foreign) and the requirements contained in collective agreements.
Those who hold positions of manager or manager must be an example for others, demonstrating that compliance with the Code of Ethics is a fundamental part of our daily work and that business results must never be separated from observance of the principles contained therein.
Mondorevive undertakes to inform all those with whom it enters into business relationships of the existence of the Code, requesting its adoption as a basic requirement for continuing or establishing any form of collaboration.
We are all called to ensure compliance with the Code of Ethics.
Mondorevive complies with local and national laws and other applicable laws, the prevailing sector regulations, other requirements to which the organization adheres. When these laws, regulations or other requirements to which the organization adheres concern the same issue, the provision that is more favorable to workers is applied.

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