Which services are offered

In order to ensure proper recovery of plastic waste and to support the activities of our providers / customers, thanks to the help of a highly qualified team, we offer the following services.

  1. mondosd offers a recovery and collection service, with its own authorized means, of waste plastic materials, with a prevalence of PVC (plasticized PVC and rigid PVC).
  2. mondosd offers a service for the recovery and collection of scraps of plastic materials other than PVC, such as PET, PP, PE, TPU.
  3. Thanks to the presence of qualified and specialized staff, mondosd offers a consultancy and technical assistance service in terms of evaluation of the type of waste, management of waste, storage and recovery of production waste;
  4. To facilitate the recovery of plastic material waste, mondosd makes available, with delivery on site, customized containers, used for the recovery and conscious collection of the different types of waste. These containers can be in the form of iron cages, PVC big bags or external boxes.
  5. To facilitate the collection of plastic material waste throughout the national territory, MONDOSD offers a logistics service, with the use of its own vehicles authorized to transport waste.
  6. In addition to the marketing of plastic materials, mondosd offers its customers a processing account service.

Issue of the No Waste Certificate.

Thanks to an innovative traceability and processing system, mondosd is able to issue a certification confirming that the waste delivered is tracked and treated to become Secondary Raw Materials (MPS) in order to re-enter the production cycle after losing the waste qualification.

Take advantage of the #MondoTruck service

Thanks to the use of our authorized vehicles, we offer an internal logistics service, with our authorized vehicles for the recovery of waste. Furthermore, to meet our providers and customers needs, we offer customized solutions for the collection of waste, with the possibility of storing production waste in practical and easy-to-use iron cages, in classic big bags or in dedicated external containers.

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